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The Complete Guide to Taking Family Photos at Your Wedding

Oct 5

There are many things when you are planning an event for your wedding family. What will the photos appear like? What do they need to include in terms of expressions and poses? Who is likely to arrive in time? Who needs more advance notice than to allow them enough time to plan ahead in case we really need to use those photos! It can feel overwhelming at times deciding what exactly goes into these sessions.

We'll show you how your wedding in Las Vegas' north photography should look.

Focus on the VIPs

If you're in a larger room focus on those who are VIPs. Work backward from there. If you have a special person who is important to the bride or the groom, she'll tell them that they should be at either side of the aisle. This will make it clear who they are looking towards when taking photos.

Parents: Divorced or Happily Remarried

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If your parents are close or not so civil, you'll want to snap photos together before. As a couple, you must be taking photos with your parents. This includes their partner of choice when they are engaged. Invite step-siblings to the wedding and include them all here. I'm sure many were awed by these men's hilarious antics over the past year.

Inform The Photographer Beforehand

A wedding photographer needs to be able to swiftly and efficiently capture photos of the entire family who will be attending the wedding. A photo list is usually used to ensure that there are at least 10 photos of the group to coordinate post-ceremony. This will allow them to record the moment while it lasts. The majority of families have only one opportunity to spend time united after the marriage has been officially declared.

Start the Photo Session before The Event Starts

One custom is to abandon the old method of doing things: taking photos before your wedding. This gives you the time and freedom in which to take great photos without anyone else except for this really unique couple! It can also be stressful as some people may not show up. Make sure family members are there early enough to get their portrait time.

Ask For Assistance Whenever You Need It or Plan ahead of time

A friend is the best person to arrange all of your family photos without giving you a pre-wedding anxiety attack. They'll make sure everyone who needs to be at the wedding is there and will help move the process to ensure it doesn't take more time than is necessary. This will allow for extra moments with loved ones during post-production!

An ideal solution is to ask a friend of an old college pal or an old acquaintance who could maybe handle organizing these exciting days prior to tie the knot? In this way, both parties will get what they want: The one who makes the request enjoys some time off, while their partner can enjoy quality one on 1 time catching up over nostalgia instead.

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