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Concrete Services: Parking Lots, Road Repairs, Flooring, and More

Feb 8

Concrete Services: Parking Lots, Road Repairs, Flooring, and More

One thing unites all crumbling parking lots, cracked concrete floors, and roads with potholes or improper slopes: They are a safety hazard that can cause serious injury to your business.

Phoenix Concrete Contractors offers concrete services for parking lots and walkways.

We apply our extensive knowledge to help our clients determine if concrete surfaces need to be reinforced to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Parking Lot Construction

Parking lots are susceptible to abuse. These surfaces may require frequent patching and repairs if they're not installed correctly. Phoenix Concrete Contractors is a well-respected company that constructs high-quality concrete parking lots at a lower cost than asphalt.

A parking lot surface that is more durable, cheaper to maintain, and lasts longer for clients is a win-win situation. Concrete parking lot surfaces are highly durable and can withstand heavy equipment traffic without cracking or swelling.

Road Repair

The roads we use play a vital role in the daily operations of our communities and businesses. Phoenix Concrete Contractors have the ability to repair roads that are cracked or rutting, without texture, or littered by potholes.

We aim to exceed your expectations through concrete road repairs that last, are durable, and easy to maintain for many years. We do this by using the most recent and best road repair techniques.

Industrial Concrete Flooring

Phoenix Concrete Contractors recognizes the importance of industrial concrete flooring when manufacturers have heavy machinery and frequent foot and wheel traffic (such as forklifts). Also, industrial concrete floors must withstand chemical spills which could quickly degrade other floor surfaces.

We will help keep your industrial operations moving. Our floors are strong, durable, easy-to-clean, resistant to scratches, chemicals, oil stains, and are also easy to maintain. Phoenix Concrete Contractors is able to advise you on the most suitable concrete mixture and surface finishing for your specific industrial applications.


Phoenix Concrete Contractors provides professional curb and gutter detail that will enhance your property. In good condition curbs and gutters can be used as a landscaping element, or they can divert rainwater to municipal storm drains, which will help prevent surface flooding.

Phoenix Concrete Contractors can replace or repair gutters and curbs surrounding commercial properties. You have a choice of curb styles: barrier curbs; mountable curbs; decorative curbs.

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