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Security Cameras: What You Need to Be Aware of

Jan 22

It's equally important to pick the proper security cameras to protect your business as it is to pick the appropriate security system.

The business can make an informed decision that fits their financial and property requirements by looking at the different kinds of frys security camera installation options available. This post will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three of the most well-known cameras as well as three special cameras like PTZ (pantilt-zoom), multi-imager, panorama or multi-sensor security cameras.

The Three Most Frequently Used Security Cameras

Security cameras packed in boxes

A rectangular 'box' with the lens of a security camera is what are box cameras. Box cameras are perfect to use outdoors since they have a waterproof enclosure. However, they are beneficial in instances where image quality is critical. Box cameras, on the other hand, are rarely used indoors due to their design.

Dome or bullet cameras are less expensive than security cameras that are box-style. However, the superior quality of images of these cameras is due to their dimensions and the ability to accommodate larger electronics. Box cameras can be used to switch out the lens. A box camera, when used in conjunction with the lens of a professional photographer could capture details which other cameras are unable to.

Dome Surveillance Cameras

Dome security cameras are more appealing than traditional box cameras. Although dome cameras are made for indoor use, they are also available in vandal and waterproof outdoor housings.

Dome cameras can accept fixed or variable varifocal lens. Fixed lenses are the most well-known and least expensive, while varifocal lenses are more flexible and allow zooming in or out. When seeing an motorised varifocal camera at an extended distance there is less detail loss. Remote control of the varifocal camera can be achieved through the VMS.

Fixed dome cameras are available in many sizes such as small, medium, inconspicuous and micro. But, IR illuminators can reflect onto dome glass when a dome camera's utilized outdoors. This causes visual noise. In comparison, a bullet camera can be more effective in this type of noise.

Bullet Surveillance Cameras

Bullet cameras, as the name implies, protrude from the exterior like the barrel of a gun, making them more noticeable. Bullet security cameras are easy to set up and come with a a wall-mounting handle. To alter the angle at which the camera is viewed the camera will spin once attached.

Bullet cameras can be used outdoors and, since they are easily visible and can be moved. Bullet cameras however can be used from a distance and mounted on a number of surfaces. Placing a bullet camera higher enhances its security.

There are three kinds of security cameras with specialization.

Cameras with multiple sensors or timers

Multi-sensor cameras and multi-imagers allow for multiple lenses to be incorporated within one camera, which allows for greater coverage. Because of the multiple lenses that are integrated into the VMS can display three images. Multi-imager cameras or multi-sensor cameras as a result offer a viable option to capture larger areas.

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras

The PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera has mechanical controls that permit users to pan and tilt as well as zoom from a distance. As a result, using the camera software, a remote operator can adjust the direction. PTZ cameras can be programmed to automatically change direction at a certain point or run patterns.

Mechanical controls on a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera permit operators to tilt, pan and zoom in on the camera from an extended distance. Remote operators can adjust the direction of the camera using software. PTZ cameras are able to be programmed to run pattern, or turn to a certain point. PTZ cameras can be more costly due to their intricate capabilities.

Cameras that have a panoramic view

Panoramic cameras can be used with a single camera to capture a wide area and a panoramic picture. This can reduce the time to install and costs. The cameras are great for applications that require only a single view of huge areas, like security at warehouses. They're simple to install and can be utilized in reception areas and hallways. However, the fisheye lens can cause distortions to the image and may also reduce the quality of the picture.

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