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All you Need to Know About Roof Styles

Jan 10

Basic Roof Styles

There are four primary styles of roofs. There's a flat roof, which is self-explanatory. They're not level and do not permit runoff. They are a benefit of being more affordable to install and to maintain by Pittsburgh contractors who work on exteriors and are more simple to work on.

Skillion Roof

A skillion roof is a type of roof which is placed on top of the building at an angle with one wall being higher than the other.

Gabled Roof

The roof, as an upside-down v where the roof isn't able to meet the end wall, is a gabled roof or gable roof. That upside-down V at the bottom is the gable. Gable roofing is a simple one that features one central ridge.

Hipped Roof

A roof that meets all walls horizontally is an hipped or hip roof. The typical hipped roof has one central ridge. However, instead of being angled vertically , as in the triangle of the gable, it has two ridges, called hips.

Cross Gabled and Hipped Cross Hipped

Most houses aren't squares or rectangles. A L shaped or T shaped house could have two gable roofs that join with a valley on the inside angle. This is referred to as a cross gabled roof.

Similar to the roofs with hipped edges. The L or T shape may be covered with a cross hipped roof.

Mix and match

Roofs can be a mix of these basic styles. You could have a gabled roof that is at an angle or a hipped roof. Dutch gables are a mixture of gable and hipped roofs for aesthetic reasons.

Other Styles

There are various designs that are variations of these basic forms. An A-frame is for example, an extreme form of Gable. The standard barn roof called a gambrel roof is a different gable style with a gently sloping top section transitioning to an upward slope. Mansard roofs feature the same steep pitches, but they are not gabled but hipped.

They can also have useful applications. Gambrel roofs offer more space for a second storey, and it sheds snow more effectively than from a less steeply sloped roof.

Although gabled roofs are generally cheaper than hipped roofings Hipped roofs are more resistant to high winds. But in the end, it mostly comes down to taste. Siding Pittsburgh Contractors also said that all roof styles are effective in keeping rain out and will not fall off if they are properly secured. It's the look of the roof that matters.

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