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How to use a job meta search engine

Dec 1

How to use a job meta search engine

Job search engines offer the possibility of finding multiple job offers on the same platform. We reveal which are the most used.


Except of searching for travail, trabajo, աշխատանք, работа, job, find a job, pntrum em ashxatanq, etc. there are also so called job search websites that allow to search for a job in multiple offers in one platform.


How to search for work through a job meta search engine


Job metasearch engines are platforms designed to search for job offers, a system that locates information in the most used search engines and houses a large number of vacancies in the same portal.


Nowadays, metasearch engines are one of the most used tools to find employment on the Internet, since, thanks to the type of search for offers they make, they facilitate and save time in the search for users.


Imagine you are unemployed and you want a list of job offers for a professional to arrive every day with your training and experience profile, in the salary band that you define, with the type of working day you need (full or partial) and in the city or autonomous community where you reside. This type of search for job offers "on demand" can be done automatically through a meta search engine.


Find out which are the most popular and what other alternatives exist for active job search.


How to use a job meta search engine?


Don't worry if you still don't know how a meta search engine works. First of all, it is important that, once you choose the meta search engine you are going to use, you register and create a profile with your contact information, training and experience, so that the companies to which you send your application can have access to your information. personal.


Normally, it usually has a very simple interface, in which the first two pieces of data to enter are the job position you are looking for and the area where you want to work.


To enter your CV, there are usually two options: fill in a form with all the information requested by the portal, or attach a PDF with your CV previously prepared so that the platform can automatically adapt it to the portal.


Keep in mind that if you are going to use more than one metasearch engine, it is important that you check well so that you do not send your same application twice to the same company in different ways. It is common for different search engines to show the same offers.


The most important job meta search engines



It can be said that it is one of the most used metasearch engines worldwide. Due to the popularity it has gained in recent years, there are many companies on Indeed that already directly publish their offer on the platform. In this way, having filled in all your data on Indeed, you will be able to submit your application with just one click.


The Indeed metasearch engine has a wide variety of filters, information on estimated salaries, distance, location, type of employment, etc. that allow you to adapt and personalize your search as much as possible. In addition, you can download its application on iOS and Android so that you can be attentive to the latest offers and any message that companies may send you about your candidacy.


Employ yourself

The Single Employment Portal, known as Empléate, is the platform of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). It is a free tool for job search, both in private companies and offers in the public sector.


You will be able to access a test to determine which are the offers that best suit your profile. At the top of the page, you can choose the profile of "Person" or "Company", to begin with the registration on the platform.


The filters offered by this metasearch engine are quite concise, establishing a specific search for the demanded profile. You can organize the offers by their order of publication, provinces, type of offer, by experience, type of working day, etc.



This is another of the options that you can find to carry out your job search through metasearch engines. It is quite similar to the previous one, and it also has a mobile application. You can download its app for iOS or Android here.


By using filters, you will be able to narrow down your search better, either by work hours, experience, or even set a minimum or maximum salary.